California Human Resource Services

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services -The premier full service Human Resource, Benefit Administration, and Payroll solution for small to medium sized businesses. Co-employment relationship provides small businesses with big business services and benefits.

Club YPP - Affordable solution for bringing professional HR management to your organization. Ideal for the organization that needs occasional professional HR advice at a small business cost.

Human Resource Consulting - Ideal for HR projects, consultation, or coaching. Employee/Team Assessment Tools. Ideal for developing the best work force.

Manager's Mentor - One-on-one mentoring/coaching services for executives, managers, and supervisors. The best way to learn the complexities of leading a diverse workforce.

Your SmartSource - Recruiting Services to support your hiring manager. The perfect team approach; we handle the details and you make the decision.

California Human Resources Outsourcing Services (ASO) - Same full service package as PEO except no co-employment relationship. This is ideal alternative to PEO when special circumstances exist or as a bridge for tax limit transitions.

Policy Mentor - Customized HR policies. When you need policies to exactly fit your business our HR Professionals help navigate the complex labor laws and regulations to meet your goals.

HR Audit Services - Are your employee records in order or are they one appointment away for a damaging fine or penalty? An HR audit insures that complex employer laws and regulations are being followed.

Performance Reviews/Salary Surveys - Mentoring services for Executives, Managers, and Supervisors. Performance & Salary surveys are tools for crafting a great workforce; make sure its done right.

CEO Roundtables The CEO Roundtable program was established in 2005 by Your People Professionals. Our aim was to create a community based program that would serve progressive CEO's in the region. As YPP built the program we realized that we needed a wide range of partners with various abilities to make the program happen. Our partners include; Softec, Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce, and the EVC. You can apply on line but Membership is by invitation only.