Attracting (not Recruiting) and Retaining Talent

How To Attract Top Talent That Will Stay
Is your strategy for finding and keeping good people more like a fishing net or a magnet? Sounds odd, but the analogy is truly illustrative of the changes that innovative companies, large and small, are making in 2014. 

Not only is it getting more and more difficult to find and catch talented staff, it’s expensive.  So, a new strategy is emerging – creating an “employment brand” that is so attractive, people want to work for you and seek out your company.  Not only does this make financial sense, it often enlarges the pool of candidates from which you can pick AND makes leaving your organization less attractive to your current employees.

Sounds expensive, right?  Wrong.  For even the smallest of companies, there are simple and easy to execute steps to turn you from a hunter to a gatherer and nurturer of talent.

 Here are the areas that you need to address if you want to create a magnetic organization, regardless of the size of your company:

  •  Define your employment brand and company culture
  • As with any good marketing campaign, be sure your brand is front and center in all internal and external communications
  • Branding is an ongoing and iterative process, so “lather, rinse, repeat”
  • Update HR and hiring policies to be sure they support the culture all through the employee life cycle
  • Be sure the work environment also supports the company culture
  • Think about any perks that you can offer that support the culture
  • Train managers to manage and lead according to the culture you are creating
  • Review, revise, and adjust on a regular basis

For over 25 years, YPP has been providing expert HR advice and has helped hundreds of companies increase performance through better execution in all areas of HR management and administration.  Pick up the phone and give us a call to see how YPP can help take your company to the next level.

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