Outsourced HR Saves Businesses Time and Money

Running Human Resources internally is very time consuming to do well and still leave time to focus on the core business. Employers believe that they are saving money but typically do not consider the amount of work required to keep up with ever changing federal, state, and local employment laws…

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Are you In Compliance with the California Fair Pay Act?

California’s Fair Pay Act continues to be under-recognized as an important law by employers, creating the risk of EECO complaints or lawsuits. The fundamental target of the law is unfair or discriminatory pay practices, with an expansion this year that bars asking candidates for salary history. Employers need to perform…

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Understanding the change in your workforce demographic.

“Demographic Iceberg Right Ahead!” Understanding your workforce demographics will help you build a successful culture and improve retention. A business can gain benefits from each of the generational “groups” in the workforce by understanding and managing to their values and strengths. Creating a culture where you recognize the contributions of…

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2018 Employment Law Update

Staff meeting

There are a number of important employment law developments from 2017 that take affect in the New Year. Stay on top of of this new legislation and Join Us for a comprehensive webinar so you can best protect your company against employment related liability. “Ban-the-Box” – Expansion statewide If you…

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Small Business Culture Counts!

How Small Business Culture benefits you. Business culture is defined by attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and traditions of your workforce. They are ingrained in the business and team; and hey will be accepted as the norm. Culture can also determine the type of customers you attract, the growth of the company…

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Build your teams engagement mindset!

engagement mindset

We believe it’s possible to build an “engagement mindset” starting with some small steps. First pick a project, process or issue. Second, talk to the team and get their buy in. Lastly remember to TRUST, yourself as well as your team. An “engagement mindset” empowers teams, builds collaboration and frees…

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