Your HR Department – Flexible HR Management

HR Management Team

Whether you want HR Outsourcing with payroll processed on our payroll system, HR Outsourcing with payroll processed by us but on your existing payroll system, or HR Outsourcing but you continue to manage payroll, we can help. It is truly flexible HR Management!

Our full service HR services are ideal for businesses with 1 to 500 full-time employees. YPP becomes your off-site HR team. We assign a dedicated, seasoned HR professional who will get to know you and your company. Working closely with you, your management team and your employees, we handle all of the day-to-day administrative tasks of HR compliance, employee relations, benefits administration, and payroll.  You decide how much you want to offload to us.

We minimize the time consuming and seemingly unproductive tasks associated with employee matters so you can focus on more productive and profitable areas of your business. To meet this objective, we offer a comprehensive suite of human resource services designed to help you attract, retain and motivate a skilled workforce while positively impacting revenue, profitability and efficiency. The employees are yours, but responsibility for their HR administration is ours.

Let Us Be Your HR Department

YPP specializes in providing professional HR Outsourcing services to organizations that want to contain risk and ensure proper management of their human resources. YPP offers a turnkey Human Resource Department to fully support your business by assuming the role of your HR department. YPP will act on your behalf by managing the increasingly complex employee-related matters such as human resources compliance and administration, benefits, workers’ compensation administration including claims, payroll, payroll tax compliance, and unemployment insurance claims. This approach allows you to focus on the core operations of the business. This is a proven business model used in businesses throughout the country.

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