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California employers need a team of professionals with many different specialties to operate their businesses. The HR Component of the team requires individuals with experience in dealing with personnel, recruiting, benefit administration, workers’ compensation, payroll processing, and others. The challenge is that the cost of maintaining full-time staff in all these professions is prohibitively expensive and outside the resources of most businesses. When properly deployed within a business, the Your People Professionals team becomes the HR component of your operational management, maximizing organizational performance.

Below you will find the biographical information of the key members of our HR team. These individuals will work with and direct other staff as needed to provide services.

Sandra J Dickerson, Esq., CEO / HR Director

Sandra J. Dickerson, Esq.

CEO / HR Director

Email: | Phone: 805.928.5725 Ext. 110
Involved in the Human Resource Management industry since 1987, Sandra has specialized in directing the human resource services provided by Your People Professionals. Her staff is responsible for strategic human resource management and consulting for a wide variety of clients and industries including: recruiting/hiring system design and implementation; manager/executive coaching; performance management; total compensation system evaluation and design; policy development; and risk management. She is a member of the California and American Bar Associations.

Cindy McKellar, CEO / Finance Director

Cynthia A. McKellar

CEO / Finance Director

Email: | Phone: 805.928.5725 Ext. 121
Cindy has worked in the PEO and Staffing Employment industries since 1987. As co-CEO of Your People Professionals, she specializes in the financial operations, ensuring the accurate and timely payment of wages, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, and benefit administration. Cindy also has background in employee training, recruitment/hiring and employee management. Her staff is responsible for wage and hour compliance, payroll processing, workers compensation and benefits premium and audit administration.

Lynn Fernbaugh, Human Resource Manager

Lynn Fernbaugh

Human Resource Manager

Email: | Phone: 805.928.5725 Ext. 105
Lynn Fernbaugh joined Your People Professionals in 2006. She began her career in employment and training more than 25 years ago in the Central San Joaquin Valley as the Director of one of the first programs in the nation which trained and placed women in non-traditional careers. She also served as the Executive Director of a private vocational school, working closely with employers to develop job training programs to meet the employment needs of the community. Later, in her many years as a private consultant, she provided a variety of training, business development and marketing services to both the public and private sectors. During her tenure with YPP she has served as the HR manager for a diverse range of small businesses. She has partnered with clients to develop HR policies and practices tailored to the company culture, while ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Effectively utilizing a range of assessment systems and consulting tools, she has helped business leaders more effectively manage the HR function with an emphasis on employee growth and development. She is a graduate of California State University, Fresno.

Steve Wilner, Business Development Manager

Steve Wilner

Business Development Manager

Email: | Phone: 415.495.2510
Throughout his career, Steve has helped hundreds of mid-sized businesses throughout Northern California achieve the benefits and return on investment of outsourcing human resources. Steve’s broad business background, including an MBA from Santa Clara University as well as sales, technical and general management experience, gives him a keen understanding of the challenges faced everyday by business owners and managers. Prior to YPP, Steve held sales and sales management positions with ThinkHR, HRhome, Paychex and ADP.

DiAnn Ferguson, Talent Acquisition Manager

DiAnn Ferguson

Talent Acquisition Manager

Email: | Phone: 805.928.5725 Ext. 102
DiAnn Ferguson has over 16 years of executive search experience with a focus on the financial services sector, primarily within global investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds and commercial banks. DiAnn held senior-level positions for some of the large executive search firms in London, New York and Boston and, under her own business, formed a joint venture with 3 other executive search firms on a consulting basis. Her placements have included C-level executives, department heads and decision makers positioned for growth and expansion of business units, as well as revenue generators in front office appointments. DiAnn’s previous experience includes being a bond trader with a global investment bank in London and a broker on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Her experience makes her uniquely qualified to manage the recruitment process for a variety of positions.

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