CSA Takes a Giant Step Forward

You’ve probably heard about the California Space Center Project championed by the California Space Authority, a long-time YPP client. They have great news in procuring the property lease from the Air Force for the 71 acre lot just outside the gates at Vandenberg AFB.  This giant step forward means this project is  likely to happen and will contribute in many ways to the Central Coast. If you like space, technology, and the central coast you can help make this happen by making a donation to the California Space Authority.

The California Space Center will be located on a site locally known as Hawk’s Nest, a 71-acre lot that fronts Highway 1, immediately south of the Vandenberg AFB Main Gate, in Santa Barbara County, California. The planned facility will include approximately 500,000 square feet of buildings and is to be built over the course of ten years. Formal development activities are planned to commence in January 2011, after securing a long-term lease for the property with the United States Air Force.

The California Space Center is a multi-faceted, multi-year project that will inspire young people with space, science, math and engineering educational activities and offer space-related facilities, entertainment and cultural exhibits. The Center will also educate the public regarding space enterprise, including Vandenberg Air Force Base. This project touches three key elements: History, Cultural and Natural Resources, and Education. This truly makes the California Space Center a unique destination that will attract visitors from the local area as well as the nation and the globe.

The following components are planned for the project:

Visitor Attractions

  • Interpretive Center
  • Heritage Exhibition Center
  • Rocket Park
  • Picnic Area/Children’s Play Area
  • Native Plant Garden
  • Native American Cultural Center
  • Large Format Theatre
  • Launch Viewing Facilities
  • Restaurant and Food Court
  • Outdoor Amphitheater

Education and Business Features

  • Space Education Facilities
  • Conference Center
  • Mission Support Complex

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