Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors

So many defining events for 2017 and without question Sexual Harassment scandals will be one of them.  From Hollywood to Capitol Hill to Fortune 500 companies a tidal wave of sexual harassment allegations have surfaced as victims begin to feel safe in numbers and

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have rallied behind the #metoo social media campaign.  This has brought a spotlight on what some are considering a social epidemic in our society leading to additional legislation and increased awareness to harassment within the workplace.  Now is a good time for small business to start training and meet harassment compliance laws since awareness is high it should be much easier to get supervisors engaged.

HarassmentFor a company with 50 or more employees, all supervisors are required to be trained every two years. However, the definition of a supervisor is much broader than you might assume. Read our previous article on Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors.

Lynn Fernbaugh, our Sr. Human Resource Manager, is our expert in all things HR and leads engaging, interactive training webinars that meet all of California’s Sexual Harassment training requirements.

Our next webinar will be held January 17 at 10:00 AM PST.

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