What you don’t know about Wage and Hour Compliance

wage and compliance

According to the Department of Labor (the DOL), more than 70% of all employers violate the Fair Labor Standards Act (The FLSA). Wage and hour lawsuits can end with significant payments for penalties and back wages.

Some employers are blissfully unaware of the regulations they could be in violation of. Some common violations include: misclassification of exempt employees; off the clockwork; unpaid meal and rest break self-imposed penalties; improper calculation of the regular rate of pay; improper deductions from salaried employees; insufficient information on paycheck stubs; timekeeping violations; and failure to pay overtime correctly.

If you find yourself in violation of any of these you could incur substantial penalties or, a worst case scenario of a class action lawsuit. YPP can help guide you through a wage and hour compliance review, to identify and correct risks before you get a claim, and ensure ongoing compliance.

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