Leave of Absence is a Minefield

Leave of Absence

Employee leaves have become a complicated web of overlapping leave rights, and employers who miss any of their obligations in this area do so at substantial risk.

Many employers assume that if FMLA doesn’t apply to their company, they have no obligation to provide an employee with a leave of absence. It can be costly to miss other applicable leave rights, that apply to smaller companies than FMLA, including pregnancy disability, workers’ compensation, and leave as an ADA accommodation. In addition, there are a variety of other leave rights, including military leave, that must be coordinated.

Employees who need leave are usually anxious or concerned about the underlying reason for leave and appreciate knowledgeable employers who provide clear guidance about employee’s rights. Our qualified HR professionals can provide that guidance and written leave forms to help with this process and minimize the risks of missing any of the details. Providing good HR requires strategy, and actions should be taken now before the distractions of the holidays to be on track for this next year. Contact us to get started.

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